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My Best Friend, Sasha (2022)

Production Company

Northern Film School




February 2022

Project Type

Short Film


1st Assistant Sound


London Lift off Film Festival

The short drama is set in a fictional town in Northern England, fused with 80’s glamour and a slight psychedelic feel: the setting encompasses the feelings of the protagonist. The film is a hyperbolic realisation of the struggles young men have in expressing their emotions and how it can overcome the mind. Visualising this through a female character pushes this because of how women are demonised for being “hysterical” and over-expressive. Gender socialisation has created restricting ideals causing an oppression on what it means to simply exist as a man, woman, and everyone in between. This story is a playful yet dark exploration of this oppression.

I helped out on this graduation film whilst in my second year of university. My role on the film was 1st assistant sound. This meant that I operated the boom as well as helping to lav up actors and place microphones.

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